Tenant Representation

Are You A Tenant Looking For Space To Rent?

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In today’s competitive real estate market there’s too much space and too few qualified tenants.

That’s good for you and bad for the landlord.  The problem is that many property owners are so desperate for tenants that they’ll do and say almost anything to get you to sign a lease.  But once you’ve signed your lease – you’re stuck – and that’s when the problems can begin.

Many unsuspecting tenants don’t realize that a lease is actually a legally binding contract.  So, if you sign a 5-year lease you’re obligated to pay 5 years of rent – no matter what happens to you or your business!  Arizona has very landlord-friendly laws when it comes to commercial leases, and tenants that default on a lease can end up being taken to court, having judgments awarded against them, and much more . . .

Smart tenants know that it makes sense to have a broker on their side.  We know the different types of tricks that sneaky landlords can play on tenants.  We’ll help show you what to look out for, and we’ll help you get a lease with the terms and conditions you’re looking for.

If you’re a tenant looking to lease space within the next six months, contact Julie Hance at 480-390-3224 for a no obligation discussion to see what we can do for you.

(For property owners, if you would like to learn more about property management, investment real estate analysis and how to deal with tenants please visit our sister website How To Property Manage.)